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Belkin Wi-Fi Router Support

Welcome to Belkin wifi router support. We provide services for all kind of Belkin routers. Here, all the issues reletaed to installation and connectivity regarding your Belkin router are fixed in short period of time.

Belkin extenders supports dual band technology.

Wifi router support

Now-a-days there are different companies which are manufacturing the extenders as well as routers. Different companies mean, the hardware and software strategies which are used by these companies to make extenders would also be different. It is difficult to find out which one is using the dual band technology and which one is not. Belkin extenders are always made using the latest hardware and software strategies. All the extenders made by Belkin supports the dual band functionality.

2.5ghz and 5ghz, dual bandwidth

No matter which model number we are choosing for the Belkin extenders, we will have the dual band functionality. But, what we mean by dual band? Dual band means that the signal which is coming ou from the Belkin extender will always have two bandwidths. That means signal will have 2.5ghz bandwidth as well as 5ghz bandwidth. Using different bandwidth means different functionality and different use. Sometimes we are not able to get bets out from a single bandwidth of a signal. So, that’s why dual band technology is used to fulfil all our requirements.

To which network should I connect, 2.5ghz or 5ghz?

After setting up the Belkin extender, when we will check the available wifi networks, we would be able to see two networks. One would be for the 2.5ghz bandwidth and the other would be for 5ghz. We could connect with any of the one but each bandwidth has its own functionality as well as use. We will have enough bandwidth for our every task even when multiple devices will be connected. The 5ghz band is mainly used for video streaming, gaming and also for ultrafast media sharing. ON the other hand, 2.5ghz band would be perfect for activities like emailing, web surfing, wireless printing and many others.

’Home router does not support dual band’, No problem!

The router which we are using could be very old and may be, it does not support the dual band technology. But, no need to worry because the Belkin extender would do it for us. It does not matter if our router is compatible with dual band or not. Because if our router is giving the signal only in one bandwidth, then, the Belkin extender upon receiving that signal would expand it into two bandwidths and the two bandwidths would be 2.5ghz and 5ghz. So, no matter our router supports the dual band technology or not the Belkin extender will expand the signal in two bandwidths.

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