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Belkin Wi-Fi Router Support

Welcome to Belkin wifi router support. We provide services for all kind of Belkin routers. Here, all the issues reletaed to installation and connectivity regarding your Belkin router are fixed in short period of time.

How to setup Belkin extender?

Wifi router support

Sometimes the router which we use at our homes are not capable of covering all the area covered by our home. There are always some dead zones or spots at our homes where we get very poor wifi signal. To solve this problem, we purchase the Belkin extenders. But before using the Belkin extender at our home, we have to set it up. There are different ways by which we can setup the Belkin range extenders with our existing wifi router.

Setup using the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup)

The easiest way to setup the Belkin Extender would be using the WPS or wifi protected setup. While using the WPS do not have to access the router configuration screen. If we wish to setup the Belkin extender by using the WPS, what we have to do. We have to press and hold the WPS button on the Belkin extender for 2 to 3 seconds and then release it. After pressing the WPS button, The WPS will start flashing on the Belkin extender, which means the WPS has been initiated. Then we have to press the WPS button our router as well within two minutes of initiating the WPS on the Belkin extender. Within two minutes the Belkin extender would be configured.

Belkin extender setup using the web setup

The other way by which we can setup the Belkin extender is the wireless web setup. If we want to use the wireless we b setup, we will need a desktop computer or a laptop. We have to connect any computer with the Belkin extender. Once it will be connected, we have to open any web browser on our computer and visit www.Belkin.range. Once we will visit these webpage, it will ask us few questions like the network which we want to extend, it will ask us the password for our wifi and few others. After following all the instructions on your screen, we will see option ‘create extended network’. After clicking on the “create extended network”, the Belkin extender would be configured.

Using the WPS PIN setup

If the router which we have supports the WPS PIN, we can also setup the Belkin extender using the WPS Personal Identification Number(PIN). If the router which we have supports it, we can find the PIN number on the sticker or label on the router. The sticker could be at the back of router or it could be underneath. Once, we have the WPS PIN of our router, we have to open a web browser on our computer and visit www.belkkin.range . After that we have to click on WPS on settings and then we have to enter our routers PIN in the option ‘enter client device PIN field’. At last we have to click submit to complete the configuration.

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