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Welcome to Belkin wifi router support. We provide services for all kind of Belkin routers. Here, all the issues reletaed to installation and connectivity regarding your Belkin router are fixed in short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

While setting up or configuring the Belkin router there are always few questions or queries which come to our mind. Below, we have discussed few common queries of our customers which they have regarding the Belkin router.

A Wi-Fi password is necessary if you want to connect your Wi-Fi devices with the Belkin router. In case you have forgot your Belkin router Wi-Fi password, you can change it by following the instructions given below:

1) Open any web browser on your computer.
2) Put 192.1682.1 on the address bar of that browser and search it.
3) Log in to your Belkin router by putting the router’s admin password and if you haven’t set any password, leave that field blank and click on the Submit option.
4) Click on the Security option over the Navigation panel.
5) On the Pre-shared key (PSK), you would see your old Wi-Fi password and you can change it from there.
6) After entering the new password, click on the Apply Changes option.
7) After couple of minutes the Wi-Fi password will get changed and you can connect your all Wi-Fi devices to the Belkin router with new Wi-Fi password.

All Belkin routers have certain set of LEDs to indicate the power and connection status. All of the function of these LED’s is discussed below:

Router Status Light

Router status light is place at the front of your Belkin router. If it is off, it means the Belkin router is not plugged into any power source and if it is blinking blue, green or white, it means the router is booting or getting up. The router would be connected to internet if the router status light would be solid blue, green or white. At last, if the Router status light is blinking orange, it would mean the Belkin router is unable to detect your modem.

Wireless Protected setup (WPS) Light

1)OFF: Idle
2) Blinking green/white/blue: The Belkin router is trying to make an connection or trying to find any WPS enable device.
3) Solid green/white/blue: The Belkin router has made a secure connection with a nearby WPS enabled device.
4) Orange: The Belkin router was not able to make a connection.

USB Port Light

1) Off: No USB device is connected to the Belkin router.
2) Blinking: The USB device is getting ready. Do not unplug it till the light turns off.
3) On: The USB device is connected successfully and being shared over the Wi-Fi.

If the Modem Light is On and the Internet Light is blinking and you are not able to use internet then, you need to check your connection type set up on the Belkin router. The connection type should always match with the connection type of your internet service provider (ISP).
If the connection you have a static IP address then, your internet service provider (ISP) has to assign you the IP address, subnet mask and the gateway address. You have to enter this information manually.
And if your connection is PPP0E, your internet service provider will assign you a username and password. Your Belkin router should be configured to PPP0E.

The Belkin router do not need the installation CD to set it up. In fact, it could be setup manually without the installation CD. You just have to visit Belkin router’s official site and type the model name of your Belkin router at the top right on the Search box. After searching, you can select the right model number as per your Belkin router and you can easily download the drivers to your computer needed to setup your Belkin router.
The number of devices which could be connected with Belkin router depends upon different factor like the speed of internet provide by your internet service provider (ISP), the placement of your router and many other. But in general, total 16 devices could be connected simultaneously with the Belkin router. And if you are using a dual band Belkin router, total 32 devices could be used simultaneously with the Belkin router.
WPA/WPA2-Personal (PSK) means Wi-Fi Protected Access with a pre-shared key. It was developed to overcome the problems which were presented in the WEP security. With the help of WPA/WPA-Personal all devices have to use the same Pre-shared Key (PSK) to connect to a Wi-Fi network encrypted with WPA. The Pre-shared Key could be any word, phrase from 8 to 63 characters and could be mix of both as well.
1) Open any web browser on your computer.
2) Put the default IP address of your Belkin router i.e. on the address bar of your browser and search it.
3) Click on the Login option at the right top corner.
4) Enter the router password if you have set any otherwise, leave that field blank and click o the Submit option.
5) On the wireless Menu option, click on the Guest access option on the left pane.
6) Select and make changes as per your choice you want to set on your Guest network for Belkin router.
7) At last, click on the Apply Changes option.
8) After couple of minutes, the Guest network will start appearing in the list of available Wi-Fi networks.
If you have lost your Belkin router’s administrator password then, you could simply reset your Belkin router to factory defaults. To do that you have to reset the Belkin router by pressing the reset button at the back of your router for 3 to 5 seconds. After that, all you have to do is to set up the Belkin router all over again like you din when you first bought it.
WPS stands for Wireless protected Setup and it is a system designed for users to connect their Wi-Fi device with Belkin routers with more security. If, you want to add new device to your Wi-Fi network, you can do that easily by Using the Wireless Protected setup. Depending on the model of your Belkin router you can either use the Push Button Configuration (PBC) or Personal Identification Number (PIN) method.
1) Power off your Belkin router and modem, and unplug them from the power outlet.
2) Wait for 30 to 40 seconds and plug your modem to the power outlet and turn it on.
3) Wait for 10 seconds and plug in the Belkin router on the power outlet and turn back it on.
4) Then, wait for couple of minutes and after that, the router’s status light should indicate it is connected. Depending upon the model number of your Belkin router it should be either solid blue or solid green.
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