Belkin Wi-Fi Router Support.

Belkin Wi-Fi Router Support

Welcome to Belkin wifi router support. We provide services for all kind of Belkin routers. Here, all the issues reletaed to installation and connectivity regarding your Belkin router are fixed in short period of time.


How To Setup Belkin Router?

Setting up the Belkin router is quite simple and easy. The setup process can be followed quickly. You just have to follow the instructions given in the manual. You could setup the Belkin router without the setup CD. You just have to setup the Belkin router manually.

Mannual Setup

The Belkin router could be setup mannualy by following the instructions given below:

1) Turn off your cable modem and the Belkin router.

2) Take an Ethernet cable and connect your modem to the WAN or internet port at the back of your Belkin router.

3) Turn on your modem first followed by turning back on your Belkin router.

4) Take another Ethernet cable and connect your computer to your Belkin router in any of the one ethernet port at its back.

5) Open up any web browser on your computer and put the default IP address i.e. of your Belkin router on its address bar and, search it.

6) Click on the Login option at the right top.

7) To access the Belkin router’s web-based setup page, leave the password field blank nd click on the Submit option.

8) On the left of your screen click on the Connection Type option under the Internet WAN Menu Option.

9) Select the connection type you have and click on the Next option.

10) If you don’t know your connection type, contact your service provider (ISP) to know all the details.

11) Enter all the details given by your internet service provider (ISP) and click on the Apply Changes option or button.

12) After couple of minutes, you would be able to access the internet and you can confirm that by checking the internet statusat the top right corner of your screen where you would see Connected.

13) After that, you can make the changes on your Belkin router as per your choice and connect your all devices with your Belkin router.

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